Shimano popping rods

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Shimano popping rods

This is because it can be incredibly expensive to properly outfit a sport fishing boat with all of the necessary rods, reels, lures, gaffs, and other type of gear that is required for a safe and successful day of tuna trolling. When most people think of tuna fishing, they think of trolling a whole spread of lures behind a big sportfish boat.

Tuna popping involves an offshore spinning outfit spooled with braid and paired with a 7-foot or longer spinning rod. At the end of the braid is a fluorocarbon leader that we then tie onto our lure of choice, typically a stick bait style lure, a popper, or a soft plastic lure like a RonZ. This method of fishing is not much different from plugging or popping for inshore fish, with the main difference being the size of the gear needed to tame these feisty fish.

The best part of this fishery is that it is perfect for small boat fisherman with offshore capable center consoles. A single popping outfit is all that you need to get started in this game. With budget in mind, but also considering the durability of the items you intend to purchase, the following are a few recommendations for some gear that will get you started.

Putting your lure in front of a surface feeding tuna usually requires a long, well-placed cast. For this reason, rods in the 7-foot to 8-foot range are ideal. The rod should offer a soft tip for casting lures as small as 2-ounces and a powerful mid-section in order to put the heat on a submarining fish.

shimano popping rods

The OTI OceanXtreme rods are proven popping rods that have defeated monster fish, far beyond what they were designed to do. These rods feature Fuji K Alconite Guides, a composite blank, a 2-piece design, and a padded rod sock to keep your rod in tip-top shape. The Ghost Hunter popping rods are an exclusive from Jigging World. These light-weight high tensile rods feature quality Fuji Alconite guides, are super strong, and feature a parabolic action that will help to put maximum pressure on those big tuna.

For the truly budget-minded angler, the Okuma Cruz Popping rod is a great choice. These rods utilize a composite carbon fiber and glass blank, alps guides and reel seat, and an aluminum gimbal H model only.

These rods come in three sizes — Medium lb, Medium-Heavy lb, and Heavy lb. Retail price is The following reels are excellent choices, capable of putting the brakes on most tuna that swim. This impressive blue water reel is capable of putting out up to 44 pounds of drag depending on modeland sports the latest in gearing and construction from Shimano. We recommend two models depending on the size of the tuna you intend to target.

Casting & Popping Rods

For tuna up to lbs, check out the Shimano Saragosacapable of putting out 33lbs of drag and holding approximately yards of pound hollow core braid. For the larger school tuna and giant tuna fishing, look into upgrading to the Shimano Saragosa This workhorse of a reel is capable of putting out 45 pounds of drag and is constructed of all aluminum.

This is a big reel and is considerably heavier than some of the other reels on the list, but it is built to last.In the Hi-Power X construction, the blank's outermost layer is diagonally wrapped with carbon tape, which forms an array of "X" shapes.

The width of the tape, its winding angle and the part of the rod being wrapped are fine-tuned according to the target fish species. This manufacturing process flexibility allows Shimano to adjust these wraps during construction for precise actions, enhanced overall strength and added twist resistance.

In short, Hi-Power X construction delivers sharp and crisp rod control by the angler. Spiral X construction consists of three layers; a middle layer of vertical fibers, and an inner- and outer layer both comprised of carbon tape that tightly winds the blank diagonally in opposite directions.

By using this carbon tape in place of a conventional horizontal fiber sheet, Spiral X achieves enhanced compression rigidity and enhanced torsional rigidity without adding extra weight. This in turn facilitates instant power transmission for precise casting and fighting fish.

Shimano Ocea Plugger Full Throttle Popping Rods

Through its exclusive lightweight structure, Shimano's patented Spiral X construction enhances anglers' "catching power". These flagship offshore popping and plugging rods utilize Spiral X and Hi-Power X blank construction. The new models have more powerful mid-sections than previous models and an improved cosmetic design. Shimano's patented Spiral X blank construction reduces blank twist which leads to longer more accurate casting.

Less blank twist also makes it easier to pull on big fish and takes pressure off the angler. Hi-Power X leads to less ovalization and increased strength to protect from breakage. Spiral X combined with Hi-Power X provides a best-in-class strength-to-weight ratio. Manual Product Locator by Locally. No Documents. Spiral X Spiral X construction consists of three layers; a middle layer of vertical fibers, and an inner- and outer layer both comprised of carbon tape that tightly winds the blank diagonally in opposite directions.

Product Specifications Construction. Reel Seat. Guide Type. Fuji SiC. Filter by:. Item code ALL. Reargrip Length ALL. Action ALL. Number of Sections ALL. Butt Assembly ALL. Length in ALL. Lure Weight oz ALL. Foregrip Length ALL.

shimano popping rods

Grip Material ALL. Guides ALL. Power ALL.Designed to handle the biggest pelagic heavyweights, the Shimano Grappler Type C Popping Rods maximize Shimano's highest-performing rod blank technologies. Much different than the other rods in Shimano's Grappler series, the Grappler Type C is designed for long distance casting poppers and stickbaits.

These fast action popping rods feature a soft tip for extreme distance and a sturdy backbone that provides unbelievable fighting power against the hardest fighting offshore species. The rods are built from blanks utilizing their proprietary Spiral-X and Hi-Power X construction that produces the most powerful, lightest, and most sensitive blanks available. Spiral X construction consists of multiple layers comprised of carbon tape that tightly winds the blank diagonally in opposite directions, resulting in enhanced torsional rigidity without adding extra weight.

This construction results in an extremely responsive rod that allows for instant power transmission while casting or jigging and greatly enhances fish fighting capabilities. You save. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:.

Product Description.

shimano popping rods

Quick view. Choose Options. Pre-Order Now. Lure Weight oz. Braided Line Rating lb. Foregrip Length. Reargrip Length. Grip Material. Butt Assembly. Up to 2. Up to Up to 3. Up to 6. Up to 7.Species: Bluefin Tuna. Search New Species. While trolling, chunking, and jigging are often the most popular techniques for targeting bluefin tuna out in the bluewater, popping and casting can also be extremely effective in certain situations.

If the fish are situated at or near the surface and either bait crashing or structure is around, casting poppers and topwater lures for bluefin tuna will be the way to go to put together a solid catch with some amazing visuals of tuna annihilating a topwater lure.

Spinning tackle is most often used when targeting bluefin on top, however out on the west coast conventional tackle is also popular. When looking for a spinning reel, line capacity, drag, and gear ratio are the most important factors to consider. Capable of holding over yards of 50lb Power Pro Maxcuatro, 55lbs of max drag, and a 6. The Daiwa Saltiga HDF is also a top tier option, while the Shimano Saragosa and are ideal budget minded reels with some serious capabilities.

Typical rod lengths vary between 7'6" and 8', which gives you the distance needed to hit a school of feeding tunas without getting too close with the boat.

While popping rods are not usually the best for lifting a tuna from the depths, they still have enough backbone to put the heat on a fish if needed. A little forgiveness in the blank of the rod also goes a long way into transferring energy towards wearing out the fish rather than the angler, which can allow an angler to fight multiple fish throughout the day without as much fatigue as a rod that is much stiffer and less forgiving.

Since distance is crucial in this game, the connection between your mainline and leader is of extreme importance. Traditional knots can hang up on your guides, so either a low diameter knot like the PR, FG, and Sebile or even better a wind-on popping leader will help you achieve the distance you need. Billfisher CN Hand Crimper. Cuda Telescoping Tag Stick with Spike. Jay Jigs Cockpit Harpoon. Seamount Fighting Belt. Shoals Harpoons 8ft 2 Piece Harpoon.

Shoals Harpoons Bronze Dart.Saltwater spinning rods and casting rods are ideal for fishermen who are frequently casting and retrieving baits and lures. Finding a spinning rod with the right weight, action and ergonomics goes a long way toward increasing casting accuracy as you chase your next big catch. TackleDirect has more than saltwater fishing spinning rods in stock from the top brands in fishing such as Shimano, Penn, Tsunami, Blackfin, St. Croix and Crowder. Choose from fishing rods for surf fishing, jigging, popping, trolling, crankbait and other popular fishing applications at great prices.

Spinning rods are constructed from strong materials such as graphite and E-glass, but are designed to be lightweight to keep your arms from getting tired during all-day outings. They also have larger fishing line guides to reduce friction during casting.

You can order spinning rods with fast action for more power and sensitivity, moderate action rods for longer distance casting, or slow action rods for trolling. A number of different power and weight options are also available.

shimano popping rods

Our experts have tested all of our saltwater spinning rods and are happy to answer any questions you have as you select the right rod for your next weekend outing or major tournament. Century S Stealth Rod.These flagship offshore popping and plugging rods utilize Spiral X and Hi-Power X blank construction.

The new models have more powerful mid-sections than previous models and an improved cosmetic design. Saguaro is built out of T-Glass which is lighter and more responsive than traditional glass materials. They also feature a graphite reel seat and EVA handles making them lighweight for all day fishing but extremely durable. They also have custom shaped EVA grips with a Graphite reel seat. Ideal to match with BeastMaster for kite fishing applications.

The Tallus slickbutt rods feature TC4 blanks with Fuji guides and a slickbutt with gimbal. The Tallus trolling rods feature a custom graphite short straight or short curved butt with aluminum reel seat and gimbal. The Terez trolling rods feature a custom graphite short straight or short curved butt with aluminum reel seat and gimbal. The Tallus ring guided rods feature Shimano's TC4 blank technology and come with Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides with a Shimano seat and slickbutt with gimbal.

Talavera builds on the Shimano legacy of high performance saltwater rods with all-new rod tapers built to punish the fish and not the angler. Designed with high quality materials and components, Talavera delivers exceptional power and durability for inshore and offshore fishing.

Winthrop tip offers paramount performance for this style of fishing. The Tallus roller stripper rods feature Shimano's TC4 blank technology. Custom front grips with a slick grip reargrip.

The Terez lineup includes twelve casting, nine spinning and two rail rods, so you'll have every situation covered. Homepage Saltwater Rods. Grip EVA. Reel Seat Fuji. Guide Type Fuji SiC. Construction T-Glass. Guide Type Aluminum Ring. Guide Type Aluminum Oxide. Construction TC4. Reel Seat Shimano Custom. Guide Type Fuj O. Grip Slick Butt. Reel Seat Aluminum.

Guide Type Carboloy Tip. Grip Diamond Wrap. Guide Type Fuji O. Reel Seat Custom Aluminum. Construction TC4 HM. Reel Seat Shimano Custom Aluminum. Rod Type Kite.Tough unidirectional graphite composite blanks are wrapped in an ultra-high modulus graphite mesh outer layer over the length of the unidirectional blank for increased sensitivity, toughness power and strength to overcome trophy size gamefish.

Light weight and strength mean less angler fatigue while fighting the biggest fish with better energy transfer and more force directed to the fish.

The graphite mesh aids in refining each rod action to assure the best of energy storage and transfer on every cast or during the toughest fight.

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